A tour to Amalfi? Yes thanks!

Have you decided to see Amalfi and don't know what to see exactly? No fear! We help you! With Naples private driver it is possible to make an interesting tour among the beauties of Amalfi, without stress, an organized tour with you in the most beautiful places of Campania.

Cathedral of Sant'Andrea

The first stop to do is definitely the Cathedral of Sant 'Andrea passing through Piazza Duomo where the statue of the Saint stands in the center.

The Cathedral presents itself with its characteristic long and steep stairway composed of 57 steps and with a polychrome façade.

Amalfi breakfast

At the exit it is a must to stop at the Pasticceria Pansa, in Piazza S. Andrea, to eat his specialties made with cream made with the famous Amalfi lemon

Paper Museum

The famous Paper Museum is certainly interesting, where the equipment used for the production is kept together with manuscripts, engravings and prints.

Here is the heart of the Carta D'Amalfi, also called Charta Bambagina, produced since the Middle Ages in the city.

At lunch

Right near the ancient medieval Arsenals, there is the restaurant "La Caravella", which since 1959 has offered traditional dishes based on fish

Valle dei Mulini or delle Ferriere

Another place to visit is the Valle delle Ferriere nature reserve with the remains of ancient paper mills, an ironworks and an old power station, a reference point for trekking lovers.

There are so many things to do in a unique location like that of Amalfi, the ideal destination for a short weekend with your partner or for a day out with your family.

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