Watch out for the scamps

Very often tourists are approached with deceit by UBER abusive drivers, there are many cases of these pseudo drivers who improvise drivers and promise excursions to Naples, walks along the seafront, tours to Amalfi and Sorrento and so on.

Recently on IL MATTINO di NAPOLI, articles appeared that spoke of numerous checks by local police officers on drivers who, without the necessary requirements, were punished for practicing illegal the profession.

The activity of renting and transporting passengers requires great responsibility.

It is not always easy for tourists who have just arrived in Naples to orientate easily in a city full of beauty but also of many pitfalls.

Despite the growing modernity and the improvement of the means of communication, it is always easy to have inconveniences that can make a visit to the city of Naples unpleasant.

It is not surprising then that many use the well-known car sharing service with great ease but sometimes for groups of tourists seeking tranquility and relaxation is not ideal.

A tourist wants to appreciate the beauty of the city by taking his time and having at his disposal someone who is a reference at all times during his stay. It takes a moment to appreciate private transfers from Naples and the surrounding area.

Do not prefer public transport

A simple Vesuvio tour becomes a challenge if you don't have a driver that can help you move around easily. However well organized public transports become a real hell when you do not know an area and while you try to understand how to take public transport you are already on your way with your suitcases, ready to go home.

Those who love car sharing can easily solve the problem of traveling with a private driver who can advise on the ideal stages depending on the day, avoiding traffic and queues and organizing a pleasant day on the Amalfi coast or along the Sorrento coast.

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