A practical service for tourists

The service of car rental with private driver may seem a luxury, in truth it is not so.

You have no idea how convenient it can be to save time and money between tickets and rides by having someone who can follow us on our journeys and who can help us understand how to move in the best possible way in the city.

Many might consider taking a taxi, but the disadvantage is that the fare changes according to the trips and once you get there you feel lost again.

When you prefer a service with driver for any visit or tour in a city of art, you can save considerably by establishing a fixed rate with the driver.

For a short three-day visit between Naples and the Amalfi Coast it is difficult to choose where to go and calculate the times: from the Chapel of San Severo to the Cathedral of Naples, up to the Museum of San Gennaro passing through Castel dell'Ovo it is not easy to cross the city ​​and you really risk not being able to see anything. Not to mention how impossible it is for a tourist to easily touch areas such as Minori, Cetara and Scala, when moving to the Amalfi Coast, which with its enchanting landscapes leaves anyone entranced in the panoramic view that can be enjoyed even and especially by car .

As always, on any trip, the key word is "organization", a short visit with a proven driver is the best solution to move from Naples to the airport in Positano without having anxieties or fears for any delays or inconveniences that may occur while traveling , the driver will be an excellent support to get information and know details about the city. when you arrive too late at the station or at the airport you are not always sure to travel with confidence.

Many are preferring the solution of a serious and professional car rental service with local people who know how to share the tourist experience in a jovial and serene way.

It's always nice to share a trip with your friends, especially when you're not driving or, worse, having to look for a parking space!


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