Naples is famous all over the world for its artistic and naturalistic beauties, for its humanity and for the testimonies of its historical past.

His magic is already completely contained in the myth of the origins, in fact the legend tells that the birth of the city would be connected to the marine semide, the beautiful Parthenope, that let itself die for not being able, with the song, to bewitch Ulisse.

Whatever the truth about its origins, Naples is truly a bewitching city, the sky and the sea seem to blend into the same shade of blue, the golden beaches are kissed by an always lukewarm sun; Vesuvius, long since inactive, stands as a reassuring guard of the city and the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida, are three precious stones in crystal clear water.

Visiting Naples means traveling inside, going into the alleys to discover its colors, smelling its thousands of aromas and listening to its extraordinary sounds, letting oneself be surprised by the treasures it contains. Entering Spaccanapoli, the road that bisects the city, set foot in the Cathedral where the miracle of San Gennaro, the patron saint, has been renewed for centuries, visit the Capodimonte museum, go back in time by visiting the Royal Palace, where you are alternate Aragonese, Bourbons and Savoy.

Or get on the ferry and embark for the islands, leaving it behind while slowly moving away. Naples or Nàpule, as its citizens call it, is a city full of contradictions. Wonderful corners contrast with the harsh and difficult neighborhoods of the city, but nevertheless, the desire to go back there forever!

Nobody, after having visited it, goes away without carrying around a bag full of memories, deep feelings, strong and sweet feelings and traditional colors and flavors, and of course a good coffee.

The tour Includes :
private driver English/ Spanish / French / Portoguese spoken driver
– Gasoline , Highway tolls and parking

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