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You will be spoilt for choice when deciding what to see in Caserta. This beautiful city is most renowned for its Royal Palace and surrounding grounds, which date from the 18th century. The Caserta Royal Palace has often been described as the Italian “Versailles” and its majesty and grandeur will not fail to impress you.
Nearby the San Silvestro woodland is one of the eight centres in Italy for wild life rehabilitation. Animals are treated in these centres with the aim of releasing them back into wild life if possible. If their injuries are too severe or if they are too frail to look after themselves, they can spend the rest of their lives in the parks being looked after by experienced staff.  The woods stretch for 188 acres and were part of the estate of the Royal Palace. The city of Caserta encompasses medieval and modern history and we can help you discover all its aspects whilst taking you on this tour.


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