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Neapolitan guides can give.
The Panoramic face, The Royal face and The Mysterious face are the 3 elements, that together, make Napoli an UNIQUE ESSECE.
Founded by the Greeks in the 7th Century BC Naples was ruled by many different nations: Byzantine, Longboard, Norman, Swabian, Angevin, Aragonese, Spanish, Austrian, Borbonic and French; all of which left an indelible sign of their neapolitan people
The history of Naples is perfectly legible in its urban structure, Which Maintains the signs of a city built slowly over a period of 25 centuries: this is the reason why the town is listed amongst the World Cultural Heritage Sites By the UNESCO
Last but not least , Naples is the city of the PIZZA and other delicious specialties, so if you are a foodies, please don't miss the chance to taste a delicious pastry or a freshly baked traditional pizza. What a temptation! Naples Tour 2019!


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