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Naples private tour is oriented to discover the differentes faces and secrets of this ancient city, through a local eye , that only a native Neapolitan guide can give.
The Panoramic face , The Royal face and The Mysterious face are the 3 elements , that together , make Napoli an UNIQUE ESSECE.
Founded by the Greeks in the 7Th Century B. C. Napoli was ruled by many different nations : Byzantine, Longboard, Norman, Swabian, Angevin, Aragonese, Spanish, Austrian, Borbonic and French ; all of which left an indelible sign of their presence not only in the buildings and monuments of the city but also in the customs, traditions and way of life of the Neapolitans people
The history of Naples is perfectly legible in its urban structure, which maintains the signs of a city built slowly over a period of 25 centuries: this is the reason why the town is listed amongst the World Cultural Heritage Sites By the UNESCO
Last but not least , Napoli is also the city of the PIZZA and other delicious specialities, so if you are a foodies, please don’t miss the chance to taste a delicious sfogliatella pastry or a freshly baked traditional pizza. What a temptation! Naples Tour 2019!


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