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Vesuvius is a volcano explosive or effusive in a quiescent state since 1944, located in the eastern side of the province of Naples, in the territory of the national park established in 1995. Its height, in 2010, of 1,281, is located within a caldera of 4 km in diameter. The latter is what is left of the former volcano (Monte Somma) after the great eruption of 79 AD, which caused the collapse of the southeastern flank at which has subsequently formed the present crater. It is currently the only active volcano in this kind of all of continental Europe.

It is among the most risky and studied volcanoes in the world; this is due to the fact that on its slopes and nearby houses approximately three million people and the consequences of an eruption would be extremely devastating.

The tour lasts one day, and date and place of departure will be agreed in advance, at the time of booking.


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